Airlines in India disallow blind from flying

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    Preeti Monga prides herself on doing everything on her own including making that first cup of tea that she and her husband enjoy each morning.

    She's 52, the owner of a successful placement business, a motivational speaker, an aerobic Instructor, a part-time social worker and she's visually impaired. Preeti was never made to feel incapable all her life, until she boarded a private airline.

    "I mentioned at the counter that I need special handling just as I had done earlier and they said that you are not allowed to fly as you are blind," Preeti said.

    On May 10, 2010 Jet Airways stopped her from boarding its flight to Delhi all because she is blind.

    "When we are working thousand times harder than a sited human being, you have no right to disrespect and hurt somebody's feelings," Preeti said.

    Preeti was allowed to board the plane only after filling a form that's meant for unaccompanied minors. But she is not alone. Shabnam Mansoori, a Kingfisher passenger was asked to get off the plane in May 2011 for the same reason.

    "The airlines staff asked me to get down from the aircraft as I am visually impairend." Shabnam said.

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