Airlines fined for inaccurate baggage scales

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    With small errors adding up to big dollars for travelers, the state Department of Weights and Measures will penalize several airlines for inaccurate luggage scales at Tucson and Sky Harbor international airports.

    Shawn Marquez, the agency’s compliance director, said his inspectors found problems with devices being used at both the Tucson and Phoenix airports. He also found situations where airlines did not post their policies on how much customers would pay if their bags were considered overweight.
    He said the agency is still calculating the fines.

    Marquez said his agency finds the problems particularly disturbing because of the money involved.
    He said a customer whose pound of cheese or bologna at a deli counter is actually a bit short might be out a few cents.

    “If something is one pound over, they’re not going to charge you $50 or $100,” he said.

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    And this article is certainly not a surprise to many Milepointers! There's much more than bologna going on with most airline scales! ;)

    I weigh my checked bags beforehand every time that I check my bags with the airlines. I always use a portable scale that I carry with me while travelling. and if I have the ability to do so, I second-check the weight of my bags with a stationary scale. They are never overweight!

    Since I fly SWA all the time domestically, I can report that their scales always overweigh my bags by 2-3 pounds. And I've spoken with SWA ticket agents who know and acknowledge that fact. I always expect my bags to weigh in at 2-3 pounds over their actual weight on all airlines, and adjust the final weight accordingly. And I've never had to readjust my luggage weight at the airport as a result of doing this! :)
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    As I mentioned in my posting in Newstand when this came out, the same thing happened about 3-4 years ago and the AZ Dept of Weights and Measures shut down all scales at the Airports until they could be certified.

    And if you happened to have received an overweight charge on your baggage at any Arizona Airport, you might have status to get a refund. (or at least a small claims court case)

    One of the scales at PHX actually was supported by a 2x4 to make it level. That ain't kosher.
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