Airline ticket pricing.

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by IanP, Nov 14, 2012.

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    I was wondering if anyone could explain something for me regarding airline ticket pricing.

    I recently purchased return tickets, 12 month return, for 2 people from Muscat to Brisbane vis Bangkok. The purchase was made in Muscat at a cost of $1800 AUD in total for 2 tickets.

    The same tickets but reversed (Brisbane - Muscat via Bangkok return) quoted online by the same airline to be purchased here in Australia are $3961 including a booking fee of $60.00. Could not get a quote for a 12 month ticket so had to use a 1 month price for comparison.

    Can you explain the difference, why is it twice the price here in Australia?
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    The easiest explanation is, quite simply, "because they can."

    The longer version is that the fare is based on the demand from the market much more than the distance traveled. And on any given day fares might be higher or lower for reasons we mere mortals probably won't ever understand.
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  3. Depends on the airline chosen as well. If its an OZ based carrier they might offer cheaper fares from an originating pax in another Country. On Air Canada I can generally buy a ticket from say LAX to FRA going through YYZ much cheaper than a YYZ/FRA flight.
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    There's one market for RTs starting in Muscat and a different market for RTs starting in Brisbane. The two types of tickets are not substitutes for each other.
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