Airline Passengers Trust Male Pilots More Than Female Pilots, Survey Shows

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    Does it matter what gender your airline pilot is? To many, it does and a male prejudice against women is even prevalent in the skies as a majority claim that they don't trust female pilots.

    According to a new survey, travelers fear having a female pilot. They survey by travel agent reveals that 51 percent of people admit that they're less likely to trust a female pilot than a male one, the Daily Mail reports.

    However another 26 percent said the sex of the pilot doesn't matter and only 14 percent said they were less likely to trust a male pilot.

    Of those who said they wouldn't trust a female pilot, 32 percent said that "male pilots were more skilled," while 28 percent believe that female pilots would not be good under pressure.

    Another 10 percent said they would be less likely to trust a female pilot as they're used to their cockpit having an all male crew and they're not sure what to expect with a female pilot.

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    Misogyny has no place in the cockpit, the airline industry, or anywhere on this forum.
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    An interesting article, to be sure. Does this UK survey have any applicability elsewhere, such as in the US? I'm not sure, and thought to ask.

    On a recent commuting flight from IAD to EWR, it appeared that all the pilots for the Bombadier Q400s were women. As long as the pilots are properly trained, alert, sober, and take off, fly, and land the plane safely, what else matters?
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