Airline passengers are paying the price so that investors can profit

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    Airline passengers are paying the price so that investors can profit

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    Airlines play the seat game and many other games, and yet the buyer pays.

    This is true, and if they did not spend it with the airline, they would spend it on pot, booze, and other foolish things.

    The real worry is if the flyer did not have the spendable income, and the next worry would be if the airline was out of business,

    Profit is not a dirty word...nor is a person with a savings account, every business know there will be bad days,

    I own a a business, and spent many hours trying to keep the doors open, just to see a new hire insult a client, we worked many hours to secure.

    For the most part Airlines work pretty hard, to make the Customer happy, and then the regulation, union come in and you lose 1A seat, it becomes a crew rest you look for ways to make up the loss, passing it on with the ticket price is hard to do, so you sell add on services.

    In this country, even the poor has it made, and they can afford to fly,,customers use to pack the kitchen sink, till they started getting charge for it,

    The last hour before departure, the premium seats seem to open up, if not sold..

    Do not forget about the Frequent Flyer Programs,
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