Airline Passenger Claims Racial Profiling

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    Victoria Yousefi was traveling from New York back home to Delray Beach on a Jet Blue flight. Yousefi said she is diabetic and has a heart condition that requires her to stand and stretch every few hours. Yousefi said while she was trying to stretch near the front of the plane, the flight attendant poked her and asked her to sit down. "I said, 'it's not nice the way you talk, and why do you poke me?' And she told me, 'I did not poke you,'" said Yousefi. Yousefi said she told the flight attendent she planned to file a complaint about the way she was treated and sat back in her seat. "In my mind, I was just going to send a letter," said Yousefi. Yousefi said she thought the incident was over, but when the plane landed she said she was met by security and escorted off the plane.

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