Airline Loyalty: What would it take for you to switch?

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by MSYgirl, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Some of us use only one airline exclusively, while others will fly any airline. For those with loyalties, what would it take you to switch to another team?

    For example, say you have Platinum with AA. Delta approaches you and offers you Diamond Medallion to switch and stay loyal to them for a specified period.

    Would you switch or decline?

    What kind of offer would make you jump ship?
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    Personally speaking, it's a very tough call. I'm merely Platinum with AA but every so often when I call AS (I fly them more than anyone so call regularly to get my PNR after booking on the CSR on the phone offers a status match. I like the option of flying AA long haul and domestic transcon and being upgraded. I like living in the LA basin and having a LOT of options both domestic and international, although many of the latter would require connections. In 33 days I will no longer be attached to Seattle via work and AS will likely fade into the background for me, but it's still a tempting offer. They're a great airline. What I will say is that if the AA/US merger goes poorly, the most likely place I will take my business is AS, despite not living anywhere near their hub.
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    When an airline exempts way too many fare classes for their partners to be eligible for mileage accrual.

    For eg. If CX excluded mileage accrual for majority of economy fare classes with their Oneworld partners.

    Honestly though, it's already happening. If i wanted to fly Malaysia and put it on my CX card, I'd have to buy their "top" flexible airfare in order to get CX miles, which is ridiculous because I'm essentially paying 600-700 bucks more just to get mileage. No thanks.

    I think there's also other reasons that I can't remember off the top of my head. But I realized I'm extremely flexible when it comes to hotel loyalty. I'd ditch in a heart beat if something with the program isn't right.
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    Many airlines have "knocked the legs" out of their loyalty program. It's to the point that it's mostly just to be not involved with the very worst programs, and just participate in "kinda ok" programs.

    Where you're flying, what you want to do with your miles will greatly change your view of your main airline. For instance: I was a top tier NW flyer for a number of years before the merger. I banked most of my miles. If I redeemed, it was usually for family members. NW was not top tier when it came to their planes and seats. They did have great customer support, and awards were pretty easy to redeem.

    I was more than happy to stay with the "average looking girl", who was great in all ways important to me.
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    I am with UA and, at this point, nothing would get me to switch 'loyalties', especially temporarily. Between UA and *A, I get to all the places that I care to travel to around the world. A lot of folks seem to care about things like the quality of "hard product", whether 1st class FAs smile or the food is appetizing, etc. I couldn't care less about such fluff because flying is just a means to an end. The extent of my need for comfort is to avoid being stuck in Y on a 13hr flight. So, what I value most I am getting from UA when I make 1K and I get the GPUs, which allow me to fly upfront. How does that work out? I am glad you asked because I am doing my last paid trip of the year tomorrow at 7:00 and the itinerary is:

    SIN --- B777 ----> NRT (UG: waitlisted but does not look good)
    NRT --- B787 -----> LAX (UG: Cleared!)
    LAX --- B757 (p.s.) ---> JFK (UG: Cleared!)

    For the year, if I clear the first segment, I would have cleared 100% of the segments for which I requested UGs with GPUs (including 2 that were "sponsored")!

    So, with my upgrades clearing at a very high rate, and UA and *A taking me to the places I care to travel to, why would I look elsewhere? In fact, I am convinced that leaving one loyalty program for another simply replaces one set of undesirables with another (i.e., the grass just looks greener over there); so, I generally tend to stay put once I have selected a program.
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    What is good for one person isnt always good for another different strokes for different folks !!!!
  7. steve.scott1983

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    Not too much for a good year I hit only the lower levels of elite status (AC 25k) so my incentive to stay loyal isn't extremely high

    I try to combine my flying allegiance with my credit cards....last couple of years I've done all but one trip on star year however there is an Avios credit card offering mega miles (45k) with minimum spend in 3months so I'm switching to them over my aeroplan card. Add to that that my first trip of the year is BA to India (yvr - lhr - del) means that I will aim for oneworld flights for the next 12 months hoping to hit BA status (planned trips are to Japan/China...Australia....London)

    Had my first trip of the year been on star alliance I would have aimed the rest of my trips to be with them.

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