Airline hikes fare 600%, draws senator's ire

Discussion in 'Blogstand' started by sobore, Dec 1, 2011.

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    U.S. Senator Bob Casey says a big fare increase planned by U.S. Airways is "exorbitant."

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Wednesday that Casey sent a letter to the company questioning the planned increase on the Pittsburgh to Philadelphia route.

    A round-trip ticket is set to rise from $118 to $698 in January, after competitor Southwest Airlines drops the route. That's before taxes.

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    1) You can always connect on another airline if the price is too steep
    2) Published fares are going up on Jan 8th, but only to $220 all-in round trip (bookable most days in January). What appears to really be happening is that US is pulling 1-way fares with WN departing the market.

    The cheapest 1-way fare is now $59, valid for travel between Dec 8 and actually into Feb, but with no availability beyond early Jan.
    The cheapest published 1-way fare becomes $349 after this.

    The Senator must be a WN flyer who thinks all fares are 1-way, and a round trip is twice the price of a 1-way. Either that or this is pure dishonest political grandstanding (not that a Senator would ever do that...). The other factor is that this particular news report seems like a game of telephone - one news organization is summarizing what another news organization said etc. might be the original article, and presents a much more honest picture of the situation.

    Ticketing flexibility is going down - cheap 1-ways are going away. Price is going up, but to a still reasonable ~$220 all in for a round trip if you stay a couple of nights.

    The cost to fly the route roundtrip is not going up by a factor of around 6 for most people. It's not even doubling.

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