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    Hello All,

    Thank you very much indeed for participating in the airline alliance survey hosted last year.

    This survey was meant for academic purposes. And, I received a huge support from Milepoint team and several participants for this survey. Majority of the participants, were frequent flyers, who had travelled frequently with an airline alliance, whilst some participants travelled just few times a year (therefore not included in the survey).

    Further to our previous discussions, I am sharing herewith the link of the results of 192 frequent flyers value perceptions of an airline alliance.All the 192 participants had travelled more than 10 times annually and were holding an alliance carrier's frequent flyer card.

    This survey provides an idea of some of the attributes of airline alliance's value as perceived by the 192 participants. I have also provided some demographic information.

    I wish I had more participants (1000), which would have helped the survey to provide better analysis of the traveller's value perception of the airline alliance from every continent and the three airline alliance separately.

    I thank you again for your help

    Kind Regards
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