Airfares on the Rise Across USA

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    Airfares on the Rise Across USA

    Charisse Jones and Barbara Hansen, USA TODAY 8:02 a.m. EST November 25, 2013

    USA TODAY analysis documents the increases in airfares over the past eight years.

    Airline ticket prices have taken off in some cities that have seen sharp drops in domestic air service, while some airports that gained flights saw prices slide, a USA TODAY Network analysis of domestic fares at the nation's 100 busiest airports shows.
    The findings underscore the law of supply and demand...

    The full story can be read here:
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    With Mc Dees workers wanting $15.00 an hour and Union pushing them, everything is going up in price.

    Airlines are no different.

    My SS check went up 1% I feel so lucky, and the banks are giving me 1% on my savings account....

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone....
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