Airasia money trap, Be careful!

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  1. I booked an Airasia round trip flight from Kch to Kul for a group of 8 passengers, which is already paid for. Later I decided to purchase an add on check in baggage just for one of the passenger in the group. Some how there is a computer glitch, it add a check bag for the whole group for this round trip reservation. When I noticed the error, it's already confirmed it, and move to the payment screen. So I thought if I don't make a payment for the add on, it will cancel automatically, as same as like making flight reservation, but its not true. I find out that it will stay on my reservation until it's been pay for, or you will having trouble when you checking in at the airport. I have tried all the methods mentioned on Airasia website, going to their local office, calling on phone and online chat, both told me that once the add on is confirmed, there is no way they can cancel it. They both recommend me to use the email, which I did right away. I got an automated reply the next day that told me their customer service received my email, and will get back to me with in 5 working days. But 3 weeks pass by, I did not receive any reply through email. If I had the same problem with other airlines, I think I can fix it with a single phone call.
    If anyone had same problem in the past, please let me know how to resolve it. I will be very appreciate.

    I know Airasia is a discount airline, but they should make their money the honest way, not by cheating, tricking, and forcing their customers. For those who are flying with Airasia, look out for their money traps, check twice before you hit the confirm bottom.
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