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    Trying to plan a cruise (12/1 to 12/8) and looking to fly out from NYC (JFK preferred) early in the morning to MIA and returning from MIA (1PM or later) to NYC (again JFK preferred).

    My original plan was to fly out a couple of days earlier but due to the holiday weekend, prices are high. So I'm thinking of 12/1 or maybe a day earlier. Searched online but can only find prices around $600. Is there a lower price? My dates can be flexible but trying to keep it within that schedule if possible.

    This will be a ticket for two people and I have the following:

    - Delta: 60K miles
    - JetBlue: 70K miles (doesn't fly to MIA)
    - British Airways: 100K miles I think I saw it for 7,500 miles (one way?) but couldn't figure out how to redeem it on their site

    I also have a ton of points for AMEX and Chase (CSP).

    Any recommendations on what is the best approach will be greatly appreciated.

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    My approach: Look to see which of your segments are giving you fits, and then work around that. If needed, buy tickets one-way and use miles for the other. Look at mixing and matching carriers.

    Here are some sample Kayak searches:
    You'll need to play with the time slider on the return.

    First glance: there's at least one itinerary under $600: $428 AA RT, returning on a red-eye.

    Second glance: the outbound is more expensive (as you suggest, holiday weekend): $234 OW v. $164-174 return. But...

    Third glance: play with the times on the return, and you'll see that leaving after 1pm is the problem. Most of the cheaper return options are either too early for you or red-eyes. Indeed, this makes it look like the time-constrained return is a bigger problem than the outbound. So perhaps look at returning the next day:

    You haven't told us about award availability on Delta nor United (a Chase UR partner). Search those and report back. Then cast your net further - here's a guide to using your Amex points:
    and Chase UR points:
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