'Air rage tribes' attack in Chinese airports

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    This picture taken on January 4, 2013 shows stranded travelers arguing with police and airport officials at Changshui International Airport in Kunming, in southwestern China's Yunnan province, after massive flight delays hit the airport and stranded thousands of fliers. The airport reported nearly 10,000 passengers at the airport at midnight on that day.

    Watch out, there may be a chair-throwing, equipment-smashing, face-slapping fight brewing, but no, this isn’t a rowdy saloon in a rough part of town. It's an airport in China.

    It’s been a long, hot summer at the country’s air terminals, where travelers frustrated by chronic delays seem to be on the verge of rebellion, attacking flight attendants, ignoring security protocols and engaging in screaming matches with airline staff. Things have gotten so heated there's a new Chinese term for when passengers gang up on airport and flight staff: "kong nu zu," or "air rage tribe."

    "Everybody knows that Chinese airlines are awful when it comes to being on time, and they usually make the problem worse with really (bad) communication," said Matt Sheehan, an American journalist who lives in Beijing and recently witnessed and wrote about one of the melees.
    Read More: http://www.nbcnews.com/travel/air-rage-tribes-attack-chinese-airports-6C10809603
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    Amazing isn't it?
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