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    For a country where internet (or heck, plentiful food) is an unknown quantity, I was surprised to find that someone has created a facebook page for this airline. Mostly it is reposting of photos from elsewhere. I'm not saavy enough to figure out where the page is maintained.

    I'd put some flippant question up about since Asiana is in the Star Alliance and Korean Air is a member of SkyTeam, would Air Koryo be looking at membership in oneworld soon, or are they happy enough in their own world of make believe? I, however, fear that the Dear Leader may dispatch some dear agents and expatriate me to Pyongyang where I'll be forced to teach English and star in movies as the evil Westerner.
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    As someone who used Air Koryo's services a couple of months back (see profile pic - this is what happens when the air conditioner breaks in an ancient early 60s AN-24), I highly doubt it's actually maintained by their staff.
    More likely it's maintained by this fella.
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