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    First let me say that I have no right to complain as I was bumped up from business on an award ticket using UA miles! This was recently on a flight from TPE-PVG which was fairly full and I assume the reason for the bump was to bump passengers from coach into business as that cabin was full.

    So the cabin is very open and airy with no walls up to separate the passengers as there are with some of the more recent first/business class suite products. I kind of enjoy this because although you aren't able to be productive on a long flight in privacy, you do not feel claustrophobic trapped in a small space for 10+ hrs. At the same time, due to the age, the product was very tired and definitely showed age. Seems to me that even Asiana has the same product but theirs doesn't look nearly as worn out.... either it's the light use or the lack of refurbishing/cleaning from Air China but that's something that I would definitely do. Otherwise, the product is a 180 degree lay flat and very comfortable and any length trip.

    The food was not stellar. Part of this could be the short flight duration of 2 hrs or the fact that the 1st class passengers were probably all business class bump ups. Nonetheless, I was not impressed by the food nor service considering it is a 3 class plane. I have experienced better on a domestic UA 3 cabin p.s. flight from SFO-LAX and UA rarely wows me. At the same time, the service was more than adequate for someone used to flying business class... the food, just ok.

    The entertainment system is old and doesn't have much of a selection so I decided to nap this one out and enjoy the lay flat.

    All in all, a comfortable flight for a quick trip and one that would be comfortable on short trips or even long ones from the US..... just might plan to bring a snack and some entertainment on the longer trips.
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