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    I've registered the URL but I am still working on creating the content (currently I have the URL redirect to the talkerfly forums).

    I started this thread here to get some discussion going on how to make this new airline beat out all the other airlines, financially speaking.

    What I have so far is this -- put 1,400 seats in a 747 with one door and no exit rows and only one aisle, with 6 or 7 seats between the window and the aisle.

    That's way too many people and not enough space to move around to be able to use a lav in-flight, so I've eliminated the lavs as well and will provide complimentary diapers in the departure lounge for those passengers who would like one (e.g., if you're brand loyal and brought your own, you wouldn't need one). If you need to go in flight, you can go anytime you want, even in the middle of take-off or landing, and no one will know.

    Also, in order to load 1,400 people in 25 minutes, the departure lounge has 1,400 seats each marked with a number from 1 to 1,400. When you get your boarding pass, you have a departure lounge seat number that you must sit in. Then, when its time to board, everyone gets on the plane in exactly the right order -- window to aisle, mixed with back to front mixed with front, back, or upstairs.

    You get two free checked bags since there are no overhead bins (no room for them, and they add unnecessary weight). With no overhead bins and people streaming onto the plane in the most efficient manner, Air Cattle can operate 747's, charge a low fare, and be just as efficient with short turn-arounds (one hour, way less than a usual 747), thus generating a profit every quarter. :)
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    Here is a photo of the Air Cattle 747 on the tarmac just before takeoff.


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