Air Canada online customer service tested - via twitter!

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    I had a vaguely similar experience in September. I booked a flight to go to the UK for a conference and at the time of booking the cost of a direct flight YUL-LHR was staggeringly high ($1800 or so IIRC), so I booked a much more reasonable fare with a two-hour wait in Halifax. When I got to the airport I enquired if it might be possible to change over to the direct flight and was ultimately graciously moved, with no change fee. Lovely! Instead of arriving in LHR at 9:30, I'd be arriving at 7:30 and have extra time to get to my train in London. The new flight was due to leave an hour later than the Halifax flight, so I hung out.

    Got to the gate, and there was no plane. It arrived from wherever it was coming from 45 minutes late. Then it got prepped and we boarded. Then we sat. The usual announcements, more sitting, then the pilot came on and said the flight crew was being shifted to another flight. He said "we're going to Geneva, so someone else will come and take you to London." So we sat some more, maybe another half hour or so. Eventually we took off, and it was an otherwise uneventful flight until we approached LHR. There we discovered that there wasn't room in their rather tight schedule for us to land, so we circled for perhaps 15 or 20 minutes, and eventually landed. At 9:15. I'd saved 15 minutes.

    On the bright side, I caught my train, got to my final destination on time and had a lovely conference. And, to be fair, Customer Service in my case was great. The issue was with the delayed departure, which wasn't CS's fault. And that was the flight that put me over the top for Elite status.
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