Air Canada: Inside the command centre

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    Air Canada flight dispatcher Gerry Houle is remarkably calm when he gets the call about an ailing passenger who may have suffered a stroke on a plane flying near Greenland.

    That’s because there’s a medical emergency almost every day.

    He immediately gets a colleague to call StatMD, a medical support company in the United States that advises airlines in emergencies. He then quickly taps on his computer keyboard for the latest data and the exact location of that trans-Atlantic flight.

    Houle confers with John Segaert, senior director of Air Canada’s System Operations Control, which monitors every one of the airline’s 600-plus daily flights from the ninth floor of an office tower near Toronto’s Pearson airport.

    Segaert pulls out the map and points to the current location of the plane — and possible places it could land, if needed, anywhere from Greenland to Iqaluit. Both men settle on Goose Bay in Labrador, which has medical facilities as well as a military base.

    This is just one of hundreds of decisions staffers at Air Canada’s operations centre make every day.
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