Air Canada Elite Luggage Tags - replace replace replace

Discussion in 'Air Canada | Aeroplan' started by ACMM, Oct 5, 2012.

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    ... and when I say replace replace replace I mean I have had to request replacements twice now this year ... first one was when the tag+ cable was ripped off during an AC Express Sky Check of all things! Then this week I found the tag split down the centre in the trunk of my rental car :eek: cable still attached to the luggage ... I am considering putting my AC tag into my Marco Polo Gold metal case that I got via AX Platinum just to see if I can get it to last longer ... but then someone would likely take the metal sleeve! :rolleyes:

    Happily AC is quickly replacing the tags when I ask ... but there has to be a better way?

    Has anyone else had luck with these Elite tags?
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