Air Canada approaches pilots for early discussions leading to longer contract

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    Hmmm - think this will fly? Not sure Unions want peace! :D



    MONTREAL - Air Canada is moving to begin contract negotiations with its pilots union early in hopes of avoiding the acrimony that marked the last round talks that ended up being eventually settled by a federal arbitrator.

    "We are in talks to determine if there is basis for achieving an early renewal of the pilots' collective agreement," Air Canada spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur wrote in an email.

    The pilots union typically has four-year deals, but a five-year deal retroactive to April 2011 was selected in 2012 in final-offer arbitration.

    The Air Canada Pilots Association said the airline approached it to discuss changes prior to the contract's expiry March 31, 2016.

    "The current contract is the result of an arbitration award and our members would also like to see changes and improvements, which we are discussing with Air Canada," said an union spokesman who was unwilling to provide details.

    Chris Murray of AltaCorp Capital said a longer contract would offer additional stability."

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    I think the mood at AC has turned away from acrimonious negotiations to a more "refined" dialogue. Employees know Calin is a determined leader and they are seeing success on the bottom line. The Company keeps refreshing their fleet and has made great customer service strides in recent years. All this makes for better working conditions but AC will also follow industry trends in negotiations, something ACPA has fought in the past.
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    Welcome back londoncalling !:p

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