Air Boss or Commuter Expandable Upright U119CX.

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    I have a new client where I have to have a suit. I am torn between an Air boss and Commuter Expandable Upright U119CX. The client is in the UAE. My travel pro has given up with torn handle and zipper, and it is several years old. I was thinking about the wide body until the carry-on rules started being enforced. I have a Tom Binh Aeronaut that I carry when I am not carrying a suit. I saw a packing demo on you tube of the air boss, and he packed a sport coat and he looked like he was crushing it. Not sure if the air boss is good for a suit? If you look at the Redoxx site they do not bundle pack in the packing demo. Your thoughts on which you think is the best bag.
    Has any one had a problem packing a suit in an air boss?

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