Ah. I see. You can be funny, but I can't

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    On two recent SWA flights....

    When I boarded, the flight att was wearing shorts. It was an early morning flight, so instead of the usual Good morning, I said, Looks like we'll be flying with a California crew today. I was expecting the usual SW smile, instead, I got one of the cold stares.

    The next flight had a over an above chatty male flight att. He must have made the pre-boarding announcements 3 + times as passengers continued to board. One of the things he mentioned was the name of each of the three F/A's that were on board. Just prior to push, he said that a free drink would go to the first person to ring the call button with the name of the three flight att's. Well, you would have though the music would begin with lots of people pushing the call button. :D Instead, the cabin got eerily silent. :eek:
    Later in the flight, when the chatty male F/A asked us what we'd like to drink, I repeated the name of the 3 flight att's. :D
    I thought that was funny. :D Gotta tell you that my attempt at humor was met with a bone chilling cold stare. :rolleyes:

    Since when can't passengers have fun with SWA F/A's? Is their shtick a one-way street?
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    It may be a one way street. But more importantly, how chilled did your bones become?

    Out of curiosity, are these two experiences cases of "first impression" after previous "happy shtick" two-way experiences?

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