AF447 - A very detailed account in Popular Mechanics

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    I stumbled upon this article today. It is a fairly detailed play-by-play recounting of the last few minutes of AF447. Pretty scary stuff. I couldn't imagine being in the cabin for these final minutes.

    This article really highlights for me a big challenges that many younger flight crews must face - very little time manually flying planes at altitude.

    The article raises an another interesting point that I had forgotten - about the asynchronous controls on Airbus aircraft - and at least raises the question about how much that played into the ultimate outcome of this flight.

    I hope we can all learn from this terrible tragedy.
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    Came up earlier here:

    (but not a lot of discussion)

    I haven't read the article yet, but as terrifying as it might be, I am voting with my wife who keeps saying she'd rather die in a plane crash than spend X months fighting with and dying from cancer (and knowing it). Unfortunately (?), my chances aren't good.

    But yes, learning from accidents like this is always good.
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    It is a great article. Thanks for posting.

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