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Discussion in 'SkyTeam' started by Johnny Vong, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. I have DL miles and am trying to find a way to book an award ticket to Asia, but have a layover in Europe.

    Ideally, I would like a flight that looks like this (which can be done via AF):


    However, I would be open to departing from IAH, IAD, or JFK.

    Would this type of trip be permissible?
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    With DL miles you do need to book via DL. You don't mention your class of travel, but a RTW may be the best option, although you'll need to continue Asia-US ST to get back to the US rather than returning via Europe. Just remember, if you take a RTW ST business class award that DL domestic flights will book in economy, although you can pay the $100 per leg for upgrades.

    If you leave from IAD or JFK you can take the AF A380, and returning to the US KE has ICN-LAX A380 too. If you want to add a leg you can even get the KE A380 from CDG-ICN and connect to PEK. Of course that assumes you are a fan of the A380. I am! I have not flown in in Y but have flown AF C and F, both of which I like very much.
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    It is permissible, but would be as two separate nested trips or as an rtw award. US-Europe, then within that, Europe-Asia. You should check what the points requirements are for each of the two awards, and compare that to an rtw award price.

    To check flights, you might sign up for a trial subscription to You can try 5 days for free or a trivial sum...they show AF award availability. Use that to pick your flights....then call DL to book (giving them exact flight numbers, dates, etc).

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