Aeroplan Video on Avoiding Exccessive Surcharge and Hidden Availability

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    Hi Guys, this is my first posting! I wanted to share a YouTube video I made on helping you all getting the most out of the Aeroplan program. It covers how to avoid excessive surcharges, find hidden availability, multiple city on one reward ticket and mini-round the world ticket with just 75,000.

    If you have any questions on Aeroplan, please comment on the forum and I'll try to answer them for you.
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    Hey, I was just getting interested in exploring Aeroplan myself! So your intructions on how to make the best use of it are definitely welcome. Sounds like you have lots of experience with using the plan, and I saw some good ideas in the video. Most of the instructions flashed too quickly to be immediately understood. I would love to see them in print. Instructional videos can work as well, but they need to be properly paced.

    Finally, combining rants with instructions (about 70/30) in one video was a terrible idea. The two presentation styles just don't mix well. I think the message of the rant could be distilled into 1 sentence: "Do not use AC miles on AC metal" -- so I would definitely vote for more emphasis on instruction. :)

    Thanks so much for getting us started on this subject. Hope to see more details and discussion in the future!
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    I just finished watching. Great video. Great tips!

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