Aer Lingus posts first quarter loss of €48m

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    Aer Lingus posts first quarter loss of €48m

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    Aha! Now is the moment :p Email to MOL @ FR.COM and to Irish transport ministry:

    "Dear Mr.O'Leary, I see in the news that EI has announced another loss. Such an essential business as air transport cannot be left to the Irish Dilberts to run. They cannot do it efficiently. Nor can the proposed new owners of IAG, who are the original Dilberts. No indeed. Instead, the management of King Leprechaun is needed to re-establish market competitiveness for air travel consumers in Ireland, and to generate wealth and opportunity for all through successful growth in the commercial air transport business. Your acumen is exemplary and your business manifesto is very clear. As you state:

    "There is too much: "we really admire our competitors". All bollocks. Everyone wants to kick the batman out of everyone else. We want to beat the crap out of BA. They mean to kick the crap out of us." Michael O'Leary, On co-existence with British Airways.

    Famous MOL quotes (

    On this basis I support FR's renewed efforts to purchase the remaining proportion of EI stock. The Irish government ministers are unlikely to welcome your bid not only because they like their EI lounge access at DUB and LHR and fear exile to FR product, but because you have not afforded them customary worship. Apparently, you have said things such as:

    "I'm disrespectful towards authority. Like I think the prime minister of Ireland is a gobshite."
    Michael O'Leary

    But maybe you are right. Perhaps they need to look forwards instead and visualize how the EU and specifically Ireland's prosperity will be fueled by your enlarged enterprise.

    It would be great if you demonstrate your thanks for this popular support by customizing a King Leprechaun themed 738 to tour BRU, LHR and CDG.

    Yours truly,

    You don't think I'm joking, do you really?

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