Aer Lep is fast, cheap and convenient; so why all the carping?

Discussion in 'Other Airlines | Europe' started by redtailshark, Aug 10, 2016.

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    Need to fly EDI-DUB. FR (Air Leprechaun, but don't take my word for it, here's their CEO...)


    Well, anyway, Air Lep has by miles the lowest cost even with 1 checked bag paid, but it also has the most convenient departure time, in fact a good choice of times, the fastest transit, and the most punctual product. For this kind of thing, Air Lep works well, why all the bleating? I even thought about springing for AirLep J so I could lounge in the spacious row 1 of their 738 but the differential was unusually large (Mon am flight I imagine, Aviation Capital folks need to position etc.)

    The clinching factor as always is MOL himself. Which other pompous-ass, Dilbertian airline CEO would don Lep garb to engage in twitter battle with his own customers?! Now that's BEST IN CLASS without the ironic stars.

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