Advice with Hertz rental via Multiplus

Discussion in 'Other Car Rental Programs' started by monnyc, Sep 18, 2014.

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    Hello, not sure if this is the the correct forum, but I'm hoping this is the best place to ask a question re renting from Hertz but through the Brazilian Multiplus site.
    Some background info: I had originally booked a 10-day one way rental from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Quebec City. Luckily last-minute award availability just opened up for AC I but now going to Moncton , NB. All good, but rental is now a whopping 2979 CDN at Hertz with Amex Plat. My preference was to use Amex Plat or Citi Exec for primary coverage but at these prices I'm looking for alternatives.
    My friend got a quote from Hertz on the Multiplus site for less than half! Does not anyone have experience with using the Brazilian Diners or Visa Platinum? Do they offer similar primary coverage as the American Amex Plat or Sapphire?
    Any concerns I should be aware by booking on Multiplus? It seems to be a great deal, especially after all the searches I did. Hopefully not one if those "too good to be true"
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    Why can't you pay for the multiplus booking using your Amex Platinum or Citi Exec card?

    Usual advice in such a situation would be to split the rental: could you do a round trip from Moncton and then swap to a one-way car later? or a one-way from Moncton-->Fredericton where you then swap into your already-reserved one-way to QC at the saner price?

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