Advice Please: 1st MR through LHR

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    Hi All,

    I've got my first mileage run through LHR this weekend. I've got about 9hrs and have been to London enough times that I'd rather hang out at the airport or a nearby hotel and be productive.

    I'm EP with AA (it's my understanding i'll get lounge access on BA even though i'm in economy) and i'll be coming in on AA and departing on BA.

    I know there's a Hilton in both terminals 4 and 5, and i'm wondering if anyone thinks a day room there is a good idea, or anything else you all have in mind.


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    If you're coming in on AA and are EXP, you can access the lounges and should be coming into Terminal 3. Once you clear immigration and customs, turn right and take the elevator up to floor 2 for the arrivals lounge. There are showers, food, drinks, and internet. I haven't stayed at the Hiltons but recently stayed at the Renaissance London Heathrow. Their breakfast is amazing, but the rooms are tired and in need of renovation. There are free buses you can take to the hotels or use the Hotel Hoppa by National Express to get around (4 pounds for Terminals 1-3, 4.50 pounds for Terminals 4-5). Taxis cost 10 pounds, for comparison. You could stay in the lounge, but I think a hotel room would offer more comfort and privacy. If you do stay in the airport and want to venture around, you can leave your luggage in the lounge (storage area is on the left just before you enter the dining area).
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    If you're departing BA you should be able to transfer to T5. The BA clubs there are quite nice and one could easily kill the day there without having to pay for a hotel room. There's a menu to order off of along with the buffet and plenty of showers. Oh, and a champagne room. ;)
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    I fully understand the need/want to get some rest in a more comfortable bed (rather than hanging about in an airport lounge.. no matter how good they might be :)) especially after flying TA in Y.

    Both LHR Hiltons have day rates... a quick check on (for a weekend in June) showed the LHR Hilton rate is 84GBP and the other at T5 is 90GBP I believe the rates are normally about 10 GBP higher on weekdays but I have seen them as low as 65GBP
    The LHR Hilton (not sure about the one at T5) has an executive lounge so if you have status with HH its often quieter/more convenient than the airport lounge.

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