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    I'm planning on taking the train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in August. I've found the train that I want on; however, the only option to buy the ticket is to call a number in Finland. I called on Saturday and found out that the Russian ticket desk was already closed, so called back this morning and spent 15 minutes on hold after getting transferred to the desk.

    Thinking that they might be poorly staffed for the weekend, I decided that I might as well try again tomorrow. However, was hoping to find a better option than stuck on a long distance hold. The only other option I've found charge a fortune to send the ticket to me, or only sell first class tickets.

    Has anyone taken this trip before and have any tips on purchasing? Looking at the options, I'm thinking that 2nd class will be comfortable on the Allegro train, but not sure if there may any added benefits benefits to justify first class (maybe a departure lounge or expedited immigration clearance).

    Any other tips for those that may have done the trip?
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    When we were there, we had bus tickets from Tallinn (Estonia) to St. Petersburg. We went to Helsinki for a day trip by hydrofoil from Tallinn, and went to the train station to see if they might be able to help us with our St. Petersburg to Moscow tickets, and we were able to buy them right there from an English-fluent Finn. She told us we would have been able, too, to secure our Helsinki to St. Petersburg train tickets from her. (But the bus was a real slice o' life, so I'm glad we did that.) Anyway, so if you're able to wait until your arrival in Helsinki, you should be able to buy them walk-up at the train station, I'd think. (Our trip was 2006, so a little dated, but it's probably, if anything, gotten easier.)
    Also, the Helsinki train station exterior is a marvel for anyone who enjoys architecture!

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