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Discussion in 'British Airways | Executive Club' started by emeraldflyer, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I want to use my GUF2 for flights from UK to Thailand, got plenty of avios, and want to treat my wife to Club.

    Just wondering if I'm making the most of this voucher if I use avios for WT+ and then using the voucher.
    Will I have the usual choice in redemption seats in Club?
    I have seen recommendations for using travel agents but those appear to be on revenue tickets.

    ( I am not GGL by the way)

    Thanks for any advice
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    Hi. Only recently joined hence the delay in replying. You need to bear in mind first of all that along with SYD / SIN / MIA routes, this is probably one of the busiest redemption routes, so early planning is essential.

    With GUF2, if you want to travel in J, then on the BAEC website enter that you have a voucher and Avios and it will display what is available. You never know but F may be available if you have plenty of Avios and is always (to me anyhow) the best use of a GUF2.

    I think you need to be prepared to compromise on dates to suit what is available, and plan in advance.

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