Advice Needed for what miles/points to earn for Hawaii/NewZealand Trip

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    I want to book 3 passengers from Washington DC area (BWI, IAD, DCA) to LAX/San Diego (stop) to HNL to OGG (stop) to New Zealand (destination) in mid-June 2015. Don't care if the LAX stop is in or outbound. Don't care if I route thru Asia/Europe for the other in or out. Ultimately spending 3 days in LAX or SAN, 5 days in Hawaii (Maui) and 5 days in New Zealand (flexible as to where).
    2 can fly economy, but 1 who is 6"2 would prefer biz class.

    I do not know where to concentrate my spend regarding miles/points for the flights, hotels are covered. Currently I have available...
    52,800 Avios
    111,800 MR's
    20,000 American Airlines
    166,000 Dividend miles
    22,000 UR's
    71,200 United
    5,500 Aeroplan

    I'm due for a churn in April and can have 2 participate in the churn.

    I realize I may have to use more than 1 award to accomplish this itinerary and that's fine. For example: Avios from LAX to OGG or Avios for inter Hawaii flight (HNL /OGG) or Rapid Rewards (1 of my churn quests) for BWI to LAX RT. I just need to know where to concentrate my spend and which cards to apply for in the churn. I have several major expenses coming in next few months and want to prepared accordingly....while, I'm not a total newbie, I feel if I can nail down a preferred carrier or alliance I can spend knowing I'm working toward the goal.
    Thanks...if I forgot to include anything, let me know. The kid is graduating college and wants to see New Zealand....I'd like to make it happen.
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