Advice for making the return trip in F/J? oneways seem too much

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    so the big in-laws decided we should go to tuscany flying into rome(FCO)
    so we will all travel together, nonstop YYZ-FCO on the mother-law's expense on AC. 5 of use from YYZ
    2 from NYC.
    they are going to stay longer than my wife and I can stay.
    So i am trying to figure out how to set myself up to come home on the returning trip, sunday, sept 11, in the forward cabin (whatever carrier necessary to make it happen) because I will have a BIG monday workday.
    The Biggest dilemma is that one way tix YYZ-FCO is almost as much, or much more than RT (because i was thinking of having her buy the one way and get a oneway award coming home on UA, or CO or AA, anyone that i can). The fares on ITA seem to come up as W fares on AC nonstop out and return on LH through MUC.
    It seems I am stuck booking a RT ticket, hedging my bets on a return flight that has an upgradable fare?
    do i just look around for a good trade or sponsored e-upgrade on AC?
    is W fare upgradable if i can find someone to sponsor/trade?
    does AC do star alliance upgrades, and if so which miles does one use?
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    Have the MIL buy the RT ticket - coach on the way out and biz on the way back. Reimburse her for the cost difference between coach and business. Or if you want to use upgrades instead of paying for a ticket, ask MIL to buy one of the upgradeable fares and reimburse her for any cost difference.

    That way you get the round trip discount, and she is whole for whatever she planned to spend anyways.

    If you don't feel comfortable with that, let her buy the coach RT. Then you call AC and ask them to reissue the ticket with a business class return or in an upgradeable fare class for the return. I assume they will charge you $100 or $200 change fee, but they may waive it when you are up-faring, and it should still be cheaper than a 1-way ticket.

    Be warned - I know little about AC, and I can't say this will definitely work, but this is how I would do it as a general strategy.

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