Advice for expiring Miles & Smiles on Turkish?

Discussion in 'Other Airlines | Europe' started by esrfalco, Dec 23, 2011.

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    I have a colleague who has ~20k in miles on Turkish Airlines' Miles & Smiles program, and they will expire soon. I don't have much experience with that program, so I'm asking any advice on how to get some value out of them (short of flying or upgrading a flight, since he doesn't fly anymore). Of particular interest:
    • Transferring the miles to a colleague who does fly (i.e., myself)
    • Transferring the miles to an account of a Star Alliance partner (e.g., United) of his own, or of his colleague
    • Using the miles for an upgrade voucher for later use on Turkish or a Star Alliance carrier
    • Using the miles for merchandise of some kind
    • Transferring the miles to a hotel program
    • Donating the miles to a charity, so at least they won't completely go to waste

    Thank you for your insight.

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