Advice-Between Chase BA or Chase Sapphire traveling with infant

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    Happy New Year!!!!
    I've been readind MP for a couple of months and after attending FTU in NJ last year I learned so much. I was able to get a lot of points and miles and the best part my credit score is better than before. My husband and I were planning a trip to Japan, but we had to change our plans due an arrival of our baby son in March.
    We are planning to go to my home country(Brazil) to visit my family and I am not sure what is the best option.
    Currently we have with Chase:
    Slate - me
    Priority Club - me
    Sapphire - husband only - 60K
    SW(business and personal) - husband only.
    We also have 120K AA - we both have 2 AA CITI

    We would like to fly business and I understand BA policy to issue tickets with miles for infants is different from AA. With AA you have pay 10% of the highest fare and with BA you pay 10% of the miles cost of the adult ticket. So my husband ticket will be with AA points and mine with Avios points flying AA. Is this a good strategy to avoid infant fee?
    I am not sure if I should apply for Chase Sapphire myself, transfer to BA family account my miles and my husband miles.Or should I apply for 2 BA cards(husband and I).

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I think you have it figured out. With AA you pay 10% of the current fare. With BA you pay miles and the cost is 10% of your mileage, i.e. 100k in business would mean another 10k for the lap infant. So if one of you tickets using avios and the other with AA you will avoid having to pay the infant fare on AA. Just be aware that you will be on different reservations and I don't think AA links reservations so if there is a cancelation you may not be routed together to your destination. However, I think the risk is small enough that it is worth saving the 10% you would pay with AA. Probably the biggest risk you face is not sitting together if there is a plane change. Congrats on the new addition.

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