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    I was pleased to try the admiral club at Chicago O'hare because it gave me another opportunity to use the benefits of the citi aadvantage executive mastercard I picked up at the beginning of the year. In addition I could compare this to the Admiral Club at Charlotte NC.

    The entrance of the club was not too hard to find but it is in a small walkway area between H6 and K6 so I could see how it could be missed. Upon walking in there was a large greeting area and I showed my credit card and was given immediate access.

    The lounge looked to be in fairly good shape, however, it had a very odd layout with lots of nooks and crannies and rooms partially but not completely compartmentalized from each other. there were some particular nice views of the runway with two cushy chairs on either side of a small table that I wandered around for a while and finally got one. I'd say the layout isn't as spacious or as nice as Charlotte.

    The food that was available for free was pretty good fror the US. There was cruidite, cheese, crackers, snack mixes, fruit, and free wines and beers coffee with a decent latter maker. There was more choice here than at Charlotte. Not a huge selection of free alcohol but better than nothing, and there was a bar that had everything. There was also food to order in the lounge and since I was hungry I ordered sliders. The sliders looked worse than mcdonalds or burger king and did not even seem to meet the menu description which said they would be served with chipolte ketchup (They were served with heinz ketchup packs). I am pretty sure the food was straight from the freezer. I would highly recommend don't order the food there!

    The area was relatively quiet and there was places to charge my electronics and get a couple of hours of work in. In addition there were business cubicles for working, copiers, free newspapers and tvs. If you had an AA flight they would announce it over the loudspeaker.

    I noticed there were showers in the room but since I did not need to shower I did not ask the staff to let me in. The showers were locked. The bathrooms were very pleasant and clean and not busy which was nice.

    I would defintely considering using this lounge in the future if I was in Chicago. I think overall I slightly preferred Charlotte's ambiance but the Chicago lounge was definitely solid and better than hanging out in the main airport!
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