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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Jeffrey, Feb 23, 2012.

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    My wife applied for the Chase Southwest Premier Business card, and we fully expected to be rejected for it. Indeed, in that respect, we were not disappointed to get the letter today. What did surprise me, however, is that the reasoning in the letter was "too many lines of credit". Currently, she only has one - the Chase Southwest Personal Plus. She's got excellent credit, and is an authorized user on *my* two Chase cards, the Freedom and the Sapphire Preferred, but that shouldn't matter, right? I expected the rejection based on the fact that the business is a startup, and thus has no income at this point, a fact I wasn't worried about explaining over the phone. My question, then, is this: Is the "too many lines of credit" thing just what *every* Chase rejection says, or is it really possible that their system decided one was too many? Should it make a difference in the way she approaches the reconsideration call?
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    It's possible that it's not too many lines of credit, but the credit line she already has is the largest amount they're willing to give her. If you call, you can try to see if reducing the size of the line on the Southwest card would be enough for them to open the biz card. Good luck!
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    I have seen instances where the reasons differ from the "too many lines of credit" thing, so I don't think it is just something that Chase says to everyone. Since she doesn't really have that many, I'd suggest calling up Chase and offering to move some of her credit around from her personal to her business if the reason really is that they don't want to extend her more credit.

    This way, they are not giving her any more actual credit, just changing it around. Since one is a biz card, just tell them that you wish to separate your spending between your two types of accounts. That could work. Let us know!
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    Does she have lots of other cards with banks outside of Chase? Either way, I would just call them and be willing to lose some personal credit from her Chase card, if needed. I don't think it should have too large of an effect on how she approaches the call. Hopefully she will get a relatively easy approval once she calls in. Good luck!

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