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    So am a 1K and my non status brother is on a flight segment with me and in a separate res so no advance upgrade.

    At LAX went to counter and asked agent if he had worked for CO before - he hadn't so brought one over to assist.

    She walked him through it, said "his boarding pass says Gold on it so put the companion as a GLC"

    I overheard that and noted I was 1K which is above Gold and Plat. That didn't register so she went with Plat after 2 UA agents explained the 1K hierarchy.

    So she entered it as "PLC"

    Then slowed him how to double check it and sent us on our way.

    Though the UA agent was apologetic there is no departure management card to which she said "that sounds like a waste of paper."

    We left, checked the mobile site and as expected he was at top of the list (even silvers had already been upgraded in advance on this flight)


    1) ask for a CO trained agent
    2) it appears there are only silver/gold/plat distinctions for airport companion waitlist per the old CO convention
    3) no dep mgmt cards
    4) beware of CO agents interpreting the Star Gold on you boarding pass as Gold if you're a 1K and they don't realize that

    But all in all everyone friendly if awkward in a US / Soviet UN translation kind of way.
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    I hate requesting at the airport. Such a PITA. I'm glad UA at least decided to adopt BOTH systems instead of just CO, as I feared it might.

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