Adding Aircraft Lookup to FlightMemory

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    A little while back I introduced a BTS lookup tool which allows for tracking which aircraft was used on a domestic US flight based on data recorded by the US Department Of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics. It is a cool set of data though my initial implementation left a bit to be desired. I’ve finally cleaned up the duplicate entries in the data and put in place a system which should prevent that from happening again going forward which should help a lot. I’ve also created a shortcut to query the system from Flight Memory.

    To make the Flight Memory integration work you must install the Browser Extension (Chrome Store; Direct Download). It should work with both the English version of and also the German Version of Once it is installed any time you are on a flight edit page you will see an extra icon near the Aircraft Registration field (I have no idea why I picked that image, but there it is):


    Click on that icon and you’ll get a new window which will use the origin, destination, date and flight number details from the entry in question to give you flight time and aircraft number information.


    If you do not have the flight number entered in the Flight Memory page the results will include all flights on that date. If you’re missing either airport or the date the results will be blank as there’s not enough data for me to know what you’re looking for. Also, because the data is from the US Government it only includes domestic US flights. If you pick an international itinerary you’ll get a blank results set.

    You have to copy the tail number from the new window back to the Flight Memory page as, due to cross-site scripting security issues the browsers won’t let me put the data there. At least that’s what I read online; if someone knows a way around that with javascript coding feel free to share and I’ll update the code.

    Also worth noting that you can now click on the aircraft registration number in the search results and get linked over to to see where that plane is now.

    And, of course, there’s no requirement that you use FlightMemory to get at the data. You can always just head directly to and run queries on whatever you’re looking for.

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