Adding Aircraft Lookup to FlightMemory: Redeux

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    Yesterday I shared a browser extension script I wrote to integrate aircraft lookup details into the sites. It was clunky, popping up extra windows and that wasn’t ideal but it was what I thought was necessary to avoid cross-site scripting issues. Fortunately one of the comments on that post suggested I was doing things wrong and that integrating the data directly on to the page is, in fact, possible. Turns out – not surprisingly – that he is correct and that this could be done much more cleanly. Welcome to version 0.2.0 (direct download if not using Chrome).


    Now every time you load the edit page for a flight the data will automatically be retrieved in the background. No need to click buttons or see that creepy icon on your page. Once the data is populated you can copy/paste it from the same page over in to the text box if you want to update the entry for your flight.

    This is the results from an international flight; note the “error” results shown

    I could have simply just inserted the data into the box but there will be cases where it returns an error or nothing and I don’t want to potentially overwrite what you’ve already put in that box without some interaction on your part. And the copy/paste from within the same page is much easier. Sorry to everyone who spent extra time yesterday needing to switch tabs/windows, though I do appreciate the page views/ad impressions.

    So, yeah, turns out this is better than last time around. And it only took me a few hours to figure it out once someone pointed me in the right direction. Thanks, Leith.

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