Add October ???? to the list of months where NE air travel is a disaster

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    Has American air travel ever been in a sorrier state, less reliable than ever, at least on the east coast. We need Congressional hearings on the collapse of air travel on so many calendar days. How much of this is driven by too short turnaround times, overjammed hubs, too much traffic in peak bands that work for the cartel but guarantee delays and cancellations. It seems like a single flight without a hassle is becoming rarer.
    Safe home to those whose two hour flights will be six and won’tl get home til the middle of the morning. And those who will be dumped and abandoned by an industry that will shrug and point to the heavens secure in the knowledge they own the toothless government.
    Updated no go months in NE
    July thunderstorms
    September hurricanes
    October Wet weather
    November snow
    December snow
    January Snow
    February snow
    Half of March snow
    April heavy showers
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