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    Celebrate Daylight Savings with More Savings
    Make everyday a 25 hour day with CLEAR, the unofficial self-proclaimed sponsor of Daylight Savings!
    Daylight Savings is this weekend, so we’re celebrating with a giveaway you and your friends will love. The more people that take advantage of the deal, the better the deal gets for everyone —whether you’re already a CLEAR member or about to become one.
    Get up to 3 free months for you and other existing members. And new members can get 6 months for as low as $29!
    Here’s how it works:
    Go to (on your desktop, not the mobile version) and enroll in the Daylight Savings promotion. If you're an existing member you'll need your member ID to enroll in the promotion
    • Then share the promotion with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The more people who join the promotion, the better the offer for everyone.
    • When 1,000 people join the Daylight Savings promotion, all existing members who enrolled get 3 more months added to their membership – for FREE!

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