Accumulating Frequent Flier Miles Without Flying

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    Of course using your frequent flier miles is simple when you’re actually going on flights, but what if you want to rack up more points without flying? This is actually possible and easier than most people think! Follow these tips if you’re burned out on flying and want to earn a few more points for your future trips.


    Analyze How Many Points You’ll Need

    If you’re saving up your rewards points for a future business or pleasure trip, determine how many you’ll need to rack up before reaching your goal. You should also choose one specific airline program if you’re going to accumulate a set number of points.

    Recognize Which Partners the Airline Promotes

    Another thing you need to keep in mind is that most of these programs are partnered with other companies. These partners will allow you to earn points by shopping and dining at restaurants. Before signing up to a program, take a look at their partners and see if any of them are interesting enough for you to spend on.

    Obtain a Credit Card with Miles Benefits


    This is a hassle free way of building up enough points for your flight. Every time you use a credit card that has frequent flier points, you will earn a few points with every purchase. Not only are you getting stuff you need and want, you’re also earning miles! Your best bet is to select a card that has general flier miles on it that can be used for any airline across the United States.

    If you have any questions concerning the frequent flier miles process, contact us! We’ll give you more tips and tricks on earning enough points for your getaway.
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    this is just an ad, right?
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    haha. I think you might be preaching to the choir here... ;)
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