Accor is consistent.........usually disappointing

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    I booked 4 nights in Accor hotels as it is one of the only options in French speaking Africa

    After check-in at the Dakar - Ibis (it is ranked better than neighboring Novotel?), the other three nights were cancelled (2 were at the Pullman). The only redeeming quality of the Ibis was free airport pick up in a shuttle with A/C and a half decent breakfast.

    The room was a complete disgrace, grotty carpet, stained bedding, a tiny fridge to keep your drinks lukewarm and A/C with a control that did nothing.

    I have stayed in some fabulous Sofitels (Hanoi, Downtown Miami, Casablanca and Taízz, Yemen) + the odd decent Novotel or Ibis. However I have stayed at some awful F1's in Australia and some worse Mercures.

    For Africa it looks like more boutique hotels for me in the future, I shifted to the Hotel Djoloff and for Senegal it is quite respectable :eek:
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    Thanks for the review!
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    I haven't found them particularly disappointing, but my sample is in Europe with Ibis budgets and Mercures, and in Asia with Ibis, Pullmans and boutiques. Accor has typically given what I've paid for, reasonable budget places and decent upscale places. YMMV. Thanks for the review.
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