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    just went through the T&C of the contest:
    c) Through an internal Air Canada security arrangement, the specially sealed lucky seat
    envelopes containing the specified lucky seat numbers and sealed companion envelopes for the
    potential prize-winners will only be distributed to Service Director prior to flight departure.
    d) Each Service Director will open the sealed envelope in flight, disclose the lucky seat number
    and award to the passenger who holds the corresponding boarding pass the sealed companion
    envelope, which contains a description of the prize that will be awarded to that passenger if he or
    she fulfills all contest conditions.
    e) Should any lucky seat be unoccupied or should it be occupied by a person who is ineligible for
    the promotion, an alternate seat number bearing the next letter of the alphabet and/or the next
    number will be selected. (Ex.: Should the lucky seat number selected be 12D and if that seat is
    empty, seat number 12F would automatically be selected. In the event where the last seat on the
    aircraft has been reached, the Service Director will proceed to the first seat, i.e.: 1A.)

    has someone who have taken these flights been winning a lot by making last minute seat changes to the back of the plane right after a bunch of empty seats?

    (or should i keep this hush-hush)

    let the games begin on seat selections if they haven't, reminds me of Price is Right bidding with people bidding a buck more than each other

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