AC service to Tokyo to be reduced

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    As confirmed by AC, uhh, on another forum, AC 001/002 (YYZ-NRT) will be taken off the schedule in November while YYZ-HND switches from 788 to 77L, and YYC-NRT will go back to three days a week. So service to Tokyo will go down from 6,874 seats per week currently (7 x 191 YVR-NRT, 7 x 191 YYC-NRT, 7 x 349 YYZ-NRT and 7 x 251 YYZ-HND) to just 3,800 seats per week (7 x 191 YVR-NRT, 3 x 191 YYC-NRT and 7 x 270 YYZ-HND). A big drop, and a surprise to me as in my personal experience the YYZ-NRT load factors have been quite high in the past.

    On the other hand, it looks like YYZ-HKG will get an upgauge from 77L to 77W for 78 additional daily seats. No idea on where that 788 is getting reassigned, though.
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