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  1. Posted by AC's social media coordinator
    Hi everyone

    We're heavily in the midst of preparation for launch of Altitude on Friday. As previously communicated, Altitude status will become effective March 1.

    A few points to clarify:
    • Altitude packages All Altitude membership packages were deployed as of last Friday (February 22). We had begun shipping them 10 days before that. As some of you have noticed, Elite 50K and Elite 75K kits were dropped first. Despite much discussion to the contrary, the kits were deployed very strategically, to ensure that packages being shipped internationally were sent out first (they would take the longest to reach their destination), while those being sent close to our fulfillment source (Ontario & Quebec) would be last. Therefore, we are confident that almost all members will find their packages in their mailbox by Friday.

    • Traveling on or after March 1 Should you be in transit, or otherwise unable to have your new Altitude membership card in hand, don't worry. We'll ensure that you're still eligible for the priority services & membership privileges to which you're entitled. We expect that in most cases, your status will appears seamlessly on your airport documents, such as boarding passes. If not, agents at the airport will be able to remove & re-enter your Aeroplan Number on your reservation to ensure that the latest status information appears. For Maple Leaf Lounge access, our agents are aware of this issue and will validate your status in our system if you aren't able to produce a card. Similarly, we have communicated this message to our Star Alliance partners, particularly within our key hub airports, and we will be doing our best to ensure they have the information required grant you lounge access.

    • Choosing your Select Privileges As previously communicated, selection will begin the week of February 25. For various technical reasons, at this point, we expect it to commence on Friday, March 1. We will begin deploying Selection Invitation e-mails to members, but not to all members simultaneously, as this could impact the performance of the website. However, there's no need to wait for the e-mail – as soon as we advise that the site is live, you can go on to make your selection immediately. We'll let you know here once the site is ready.

    • eUpgrades As part of choosing your Select Privileges, you will have the option to choose eUpgrade Credits. As many of you are aware, it typically takes approximately 24 (but in some cases, up to 48) hours to have the credits deposited in your account. Therefore, the more quickly you select, the more quickly you will receive your new eUpgrade Credits.
    As we approach the official launch of Altitude, we appreciate your understanding as we are trying to manage a myriad of complex technical and operational issues. Please know that we are doing our absolute utmost to ensure that Altitude meets your expectations when we launch in just a few days time.
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  2. I'm now very reliably told that if you call AC for an upgrade before your ecerts are posted they will advance you the required amount and deduct them when your actual 2014 ecerts are input to your account.

    This appears to be an IT cockup but in my experience of these new program startups this is quite normal and not simply an AC issue. It goes well beyond the airline and its competentcies. Blame typically lies at the foot of the IT contractor not delivering on their promises.
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    I have a colleague who has been 'loaned' some credits in advance of being able to make his selections.

    Which in my experience means that there's plenty of blame to spread around including with the business deciding, re-deciding, pondering, considering deciding, retracting a decision, asking to see some undefined options....etc....etc...etc....and then wondering why we development types can cram 2 weeks worth of work plus testing and deployments into the last 24 hours of the project schedule. Or maybe that's just how business is on the projects I've been on over the last 15 years.
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    You are right that "IT cockups" are quite normal, however ultimately AC is responsible and you can't simply pass the buck on to the contractor. Given that cockups are a normal part of IT implementations, AC should have planned for them and started early enough so that they would not impact us.

    I appreciate AC's comments in post 1 about "Travelling on or after March 1". This has been a known issue for a long time. Up until this communication, AC's stance has been "too bad so sad" to people's cries here, on Twitter and FB about "in transit" - good of AC to come to their senses, but it was lack of management common sense that prevented them from doing the right thing and stating the obvious months ago.

    How does one fix that kind of culture?
  5. Contractors always promise things they,in reality have no control over in order to get the contract. They also know full well the customer cannot deliver the full "spec" in a realistic time frame. Both sides jockey to place blame and in the end on time delivery suffers.
    And the game goes on endlessly. I see it in myriad situations except for those who make the best "dressed" list in the National Post. :D
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    Bottom line: work in progress; almost there, but scrambling.

    Thanks for the update.

    Think they planned on a 31-day February? :D

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