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    Found this quite by accident last night while I was checking my AE account to see if miles and the 1,000 bonus miles from a recent HHonors stay had finally arrived in my Aeroplan account.

    While there, I thought I'd see if reward seats were available for YYZ-LHR RT's for late October, flights that I've looked at often after finding discounted FF miles needed for the same flights posted early in 2013 for flights in September of last year, at that time, 47,000 AE miles pp. Hadn't seen this posted here before, but looking at a nine night trip for late October, I found the RT AE mileage needed was 27,300 pp, with the taxes, fees, and other charges totalling slightly more then last year's fees. Quite a discount mileage-wise from the usual 60,000 needed for the same flights most times. I checked it twice, once for my wife and me totalling 54,600 AE miles plus over $1,300 in fees, etc. for the two of us, and once again using just one traveler, and it worked again, same 27,300 plus fees for one person.

    Posted on FT, where they were talking about Aeroplan's ads appearing in Canadian papers about the discounted reward seats, but I hadn't read it recently in the newspapers, so no details about how long it'll be available or to what other destinations. Another person checked and found the same mileage results, and someone said they'd seen a similar post on FT about the discounted reward seats a few weeks ago.

    Have a look if you're interested, but don't wait too long to book if the dates and destinations suit you.
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    Thank you much! I shall indeed look into this forthwith, as I am always keen to burn off my points as they accumulate.
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