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  1. My parents are doctors I live in Brisbane and go to Griffith University and have certificate II in hospitality and certificate III in business from Metro South Tafe. I have eaten at per se ,fat duck , french laundry, quay and many other michelin starred venues and hatted venues in the world and my native Australia. My sisters With one speaking Japanese and working at IBM, One went to Harvard and one works on aircraft as an engineer I have a non verbal learning disorder witch makes it hard for me to do things. I have been to Four Seasons San Francisco David (was a really good to me there, he works at the hotel), Mandarin Oriental New York (my favourite)The Observatory Sydney Bulgari London and many other luxury and budget hotels and the like. I am spoilt :) -)) I have really nice parents. I have flown business class , p economy as well. I adore unique and different attractions even though I have been to Disney in Tokyo,Orlando L.A and Paris. I am turning 25th on the 17th of June this year. I did travel with travel concepts who charges fees and am sick of paying fees for information unless I am being hard to work with. I have yet to fly Singapore Business a real goal of mine. I have yet to convince mum South Africa and India is safe places to go to. I think South America is the next big thing. I am looking forward to Four Seasons in Kyoto and Orlando getting built. My personal hero is Isadore Sharp who is a truly amazing human been. I hope to work for his company one day because I think its the best and I want to create the standards that they create. I have yet to try a Park Hyatt which is also a goal of mine.

    Adam Efimoff
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    Welcome to MP, Alex! I'm jealous of some of the places you've been able to eat - I'd love to hear more about those individual dining experiences at places like Per Se. I live in Austin, TX so Michelin doesn't star restuarants here - we have to go by local recommendation. My two favorite here are Wink and Jezebel. I need to upload the dining card from Jezebel for people to view - it was an impressive, custom-designed dining experience.

    Like you, I'd love to mark South Africa an India (specifically the Goa region) off my list.

    I think you'll get a lot from Milepoint - there are many knowledgeable folks here!
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  3. maybe the James Beard Award is good thing for me to read. What is everyone's opinion of Zagat

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