Aaron: why is delivery of the Explorer/MP card award upgrade benefit so problematic?

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    I cancelled my UA Explorer card not long ago. Before that I didn't re-up my CO PPMC/UA CC. I used to flow ~ $100k/year through the PPMC card because it offered valuable benefits, not least the 25% RDM bonus on CO/UA flights. Anyway, after that I then obtained the Explorer card. I discovered over time that this did not seem to offer any useful benefit either for those at Premier Gold or higher.

    Specifically a published benefit of both these cards was upgrades on awards on CO/UA metal, obviously low in the priority sequence. But IME this never happened. I was never on any UG list and even when I made such requests at the gate, I was told either no that's not correct, no UG on award tickets for any UA cardmember, or we don't know how to do that. In the end, with harried GA's at ORD and EWR trying to maintain dispatch punctuality and clearly not having tools, knowledge or incentive to attempt to fix, it wasn't worth insisting on what should have been a benefit. I gave up.

    Now, normally, UA's MP program benefits work more or less as published. Better than their competitors. I have come to expect so.

    I'm far from the only one who has complained about this in the past. You might want to draw this to the attention of the system architects, so that a reliable method of placing cardholders on the UG list can be accomplished. I mean, it's unlikely to result in UG, but the principle is important.

    But this particular program benefit feels as if it has been administered not by you, or Shannon, or Scott, BUT BY JEFF ROBERTSON HIMSELF. Oppa Jeff Robbo Style. It is [​IMG] best in class [​IMG].

    Please don't allow MP to descend to that level.
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